Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

To grow healthily with a young, dynamic and participatory team based on love and respect, to become the leading company in the sector and to ensure profitability and efficiency in all business units and fields of activity.


Our Vision

To provide the best quality service to our customers by working in a disciplined and selfless manner and to provide an environment of mutual tolerance and trust as transparent, consistent and respectful in all the relationships we establish.


Our Values

  • Being honest, reliable and respectful,
  • To value people,
  • Being disciplined and efficient,
  • Being open to innovation and change,
  • Being hardworking, orderly and selfless,
  • Never compromising on quality and service.


By periodically renewing our machine park, we try to give you the best service in the best quality.


We never compromise on our quality for 100% customer satisfaction. We always try to provide the best service to you by planning our personnel trainings.


We offer the whole service from prepress to postpress as a whole, we never miss our deadlines. We are always at the right time and in the right place.

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Web Offset

Web Offset, or Rotary Offset Printing System, is suitable for printing high circulation books, magazines, inserts, catalogs, newspapers, etc. In the system, reel papers are used, double-sided printing is made, and the paper leaves the machine again as the reel or if the folding unit is available at the exit part of the machine, it is folded, counted and stacked.