Chairman’s Message

“When knowledge and experience go hand in hand, there is no work that cannot be overcome.”

Dear Friends,

Since 2007, when Aykut Basim was founded, we have always tried to offer the best, the most beautiful and the best quality to our customers by making great sacrifices. We worked very hard as a team and I think we realized the “customer satisfaction” phenomenon we aimed. For this reason, I would like to thank everyone who works within our company.

When we first established Aykut Basim in 2007, we were very excited to have entered a new sector. But we had set our goals at the very beginning. Aykut Basim would be one of Turkey’s leading printing facilities and would reach a respectable position as a company leading the industry in the future. We are proud to have achieved this goal today.

We have made continuous investments both infrastructural and institutional since the day we were founded. We developed our machine park by buying new web offset, sheetfed offset and binding machines. We enlarged our existing building and brought it to a closed area of ​​10,000 m2. By working with Turkey’s leading publishing houses, private schools, agencies, corporate supermarket chains and many other companies, we have developed continuously our customer portfolio. By closely following the technological developments and markets, our investments will continue to provide you with better and higher quality services in the coming years.

I am proud of the point reached today. Aykut Basim brought a new breath and a new understanding to the printing industry in Turkey. It went beyond what was expected, it has received great appreciation in the sector by offering the best quality to its customers as soon as possible. I do not doubt that our friends who work with great devotion to come to these days will offer the best service they can with the same devotion. As a team, we have come to these days. From now on, we will continue our way with a more innovative and more institutional structure by strengthening our team.


Aykut Kaya

Chairman of the Board


By periodically renewing our machine park, we try to give you the best service in the best quality.


We never compromise on our quality for 100% customer satisfaction. We always try to provide the best service to you by planning our personnel trainings.


We offer the whole service from prepress to postpress as a whole, we never miss our deadlines. We are always at the right time and in the right place.

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Web Offset

Web Offset, or Rotary Offset Printing System, is suitable for printing high circulation books, magazines, inserts, catalogs, newspapers, etc. In the system, reel papers are used, double-sided printing is made, and the paper leaves the machine again as the reel or if the folding unit is available at the exit part of the machine, it is folded, counted and stacked.